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Welcome to "Run2Win Stay in Place Race"


Rule 1. Arena Dimensions.

70x85x45 score. Measured to the center  of the barrels. You MUST submit photos or video verifying measurements. Once verified you dont have to submit each week. Remember this is on your honor and we can and will disqualify if we feel the dimensions were not correct!!!
Note: Arena Operator may submit verification. Then you just specify arena you ran at instead of submitting individual verification videos.

Rule 2 Timing Your Run

 There must be some sort of marker on the start/finish line. Timers must be set up on this line and hand timed/stopwatch must start and stop as horses nose crosses line. If electronic timer is used we will accept your time to the 1000th. If hand timed we will take your time to the 100th and then add a 9 in the 1000th spot. Example: 14.56 will become a 14.569. This is to account for the variables of hand timing.

Rule 3 Horse

You must enter horse's name upon entry. A horse may only be entered once per rider in each race. A rider may enter more than one horse in the race. If horse is shared by family members then it can be entered up twice (1 for each person). You may NOT enter the horse as Horse 1, Horse 2 etc. We need to know which horse is which.

Rule 4 Submitting your RUN

Entries will close at midnight of the entry deadline. You must submit your video of your runs to
The video must be continuous and include start, all three barrels and run through the finish. At end please show your time on the timer console or stopwatch.
Also, you must submit photos or video proof of your course dimensions. Show the measuring tape to the center of the barrels. If multiple people use the same course, the arena owner can submit the video of the course but you need to specify on your entry email what arena that you ran at.
*** We CAN and WILL disqualify for any reason if we feel that the pattern you ran on was not the correct dimensions or if you didn't include showing the time. We are doing our best to provide a fun event so we need your cooperation to keep it fair.

Rule 5 Be SAFE and Have Fun!!
Please continue to respect stay in place orders and limit gathering to less than 10 people to comply with social distancing. 

Results of Stay in Place Race #1

Results of Stay in Place Race #2 Corrected
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